1st Flip FlipBook Creator – Full Breakdown.

1st Flip FlipBook Creator

1st Flip FlipBook Creator lets you convert your stale, static PDF files into dynamic, visually stunning and fully interactive page-flip publications. Whether it’s a magazine, e-book or brochure 1st Flip FlipBook Creator can turn it into something that will hold your readers interest for longer and make sure they don’t forget you any time soon. In this article we’re going to outline the benefits and features of this software. Our points are in no particular order.

1st Flip FlipBook Creator – Full Breakdown.

  1. Lots Of Output Formats.

1st Flip FlipBook Creator, unlike competing software packages, doesn’t restrict you to one or two export formats. Once you have completed your interactive page-flip publication you can export it as a Zip file, EXE file, App file and more importantly of all, a .HTML file.

Why is the HTML format the most important? Well we’re glad you asked. HTML is currently the only format that allows your digital publication to be displayed on all devices correctly. As long as the device has a web browser it will display your publication if it’s in HTML format – that includes all Windows, Android and iOS devices.

  1. Scenes and Templates

The 1st Flip FlipBook Creator has a large number of scenes and templates for you to choose from to form the basis of your interactive digital publication. This is really useful as it means you don’t have to start from scratch and also means your page-flip publication can have a consistent design from start to finish with minimal effort on your part.

  1. Embed Media Effortlessly.

Add shapes, call out text, music, images and streaming video to your publication with the click of a button. We’ve come across other similar flip book publication software packages where adding things like YouTube video is quite cumbersome and labour intensive. The fact that it is so easy to do in this software means you can more easily create dynamic and interesting digital publications that help you stand out from the pack.

  1. Built in FTP Uploader.

1st Flip FlipBook Creator has a built in FTP uploader which means you can upload your digital publication to 1stFlips Cloud Server with a click of a button, right from within the software. So hosting is another worry off your mind.

  1. One Click Social Sharing.

1st Flip FlipBook Creator allows your readers to share the publication they are reading to their social media followers with one click of the mouse. This nifty feature helps your publication spread further and should help bring you new readers with less effort.

  1. Easy Editing Of Multiple Flip Publications.

If you’re someone who is going to be creating more than a few flip page publications then you’ll be delighted to hear that 1st Flip FlipBook Creator has a really great feature which allows you to view all your publications at a glance in gallery form – from here you can easily and effortlessly edit things like privacy settings, titles and tags across multiple publications.

  1. Google Analytics Integration.

1st Flip FlipBook Creator supports the granddaddy of analytics, Google Analytics. With Google Analytics you can easily see key stats on your publication like how much traffic your publication is getting and where the readers are coming from. Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful piece of software which delivers really fine grained and detailed analytics if you request it to – best of all though is that despite its power it’s super easy to integrate and use.


So there you have it folks, our breakdown of the main features 1st Flip FlipBook Creator has to offer. To summarise, the software supports multiple output formats including the crucially important HTML format, has countless scenes and themes to spice up your digital page-flip publication with minimal effort. Further, it makes it super easy for you to embed media (images, shapes, videos) into your publication. There’s also a built in FTP uploader, one click social sharing, multiple publication editing features and not forgetting Google Analytics support which enables you to see, in remarkable detail, how your digital flip page publication is performing.

We really hope you found this article both interesting and helpful and hope it aids you in your purchase decision.

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