Ncesoft Flip Book Maker – Full Breakdown

ncesoft flip book maker

Ncesoft Flip Book Maker is a super simple to use and feature rich digital publication creation tool. It lets you create Flash as well as HTML based page-flip magazines, catalogues and brochures from your documents (the documents can be in PDF, PPT, Word as well as many other formats). There are countless digital publication makers on the market, but Ncesoft Flip Book Maker is among the most popular and widely used. In this article we’re going to succinctly breakdown the main benefits and features of the Ncesoft Flip Book Maker. Our breakdown is in no specific order. So check out the below to find out what the software can actually do.

Ncesoft Flip Book Maker – Full Breakdown

  1. Outputs HTML.

One of the biggest benefits of the Ncesoft Flip Book Maker when compared to many other similar software packages on the market is that it lets you export your flipbooks in HTML format. This is a big deal as many similar pieces of software out there only let you export in Flash (SWF) format which will work great on your computer but won’t play at all on many popular devices such as the Iphone and Ipad.

  1. Large Number Of Customization Options.

Ncesoft Flip Book Maker lets you really finely customise the look and feel of your digital publication. You can change the publications background colour and layout, change the navigation menu, the text size, the image size and so on. This fine grained customisation is something that is sorely lacking in other popular digital publication makers. With Ncesoft Flip Book Maker you get more power to make the publication look precisely how you want it to.

  1. Lots of templates.

With Ncesoft Flip Book Maker you get a large number of templates and what’s more is that the templates are fully editable – you can change things like the background colour, button colours and transparency with ease. Other digital publication makers do come with templates, however many of them don’t give you the ability to edit the stock templates – Ncesoft Flip Book Maker does.

  1. A large number of output formats.

We mentioned earlier that the Ncesoft Flip Book Maker software lets you export your digital publication as a HTML file (which is the most popular option). However, it’s not the only option. You can also export your finished work as an SWF file, EXE file or Zip file. These export options are especially helpful if you are making the digital publication for someone else who wants the finished product in more than one file type.

  1. Google Analytics support.

There’s little use in creating a digital publication and sharing it with the world if you can’t see how many people have viewed it and how they are engaging with it.

Thankfully, Ncesoft Flip Book Maker has one of the highest standards of analytics built in, courtesy of Google Analytics. With Google Analytics you can very easily see how much traffic your digital publication is getting and where the traffic is coming from. Even better is the fact that Google Analytics is completely free and requires little to no technical knowledge to implement or use. If you do get stuck however there are countless tutorials online on how to get the most out of it.

  1. Incredibly easy to use.

There are quite a number of digital publication makers out there that are easy to use but we have come across very few that are this easy to use. The Ncesoft Flip Book Maker guides you through a super simple three step process for creating your digital publication. “Add file”, “Style” and “Publish”. What is great though is if you want more advanced features you can access them.

Overall, the Ncesoft Flip Book Maker is a great choice and is significantly better than many of its competitors across a number of different elements. To summarise, Ncesoft Flip Book Maker outputs HTML as well many other formats (e.g. Exe, Zip), has a large number of customisation options, a good number editable templates, supports Google Analytics and is incredibly easy to use (utilising a three step creation process). We hope you found this article useful and hope it aids you in your decision making process.

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