FlipBook Creator Professional – Full Breakdown.

flipbook creator professional

FlipBook Creator Professional is an intuitive, easy to use and a highly feature rich piece of software that allows you to create Flash and HTML5 based page-flip books. There are a large number of page-flip book makers on the market right now but none of them offer the complete package – some have features that others don’t have and vice versa. FlipBook Creator Professional is one of the few pieces of software we have come across that really does seem to have it all. The feature list is incredibly extensive but we are going to run through it succinctly below. It’s worth mentioning that the points below are in no particular order.

FlipBook Creator Professional – Full Breakdown.

  1. Amazing Multimedia Support.

There isn’t much you can’t embed into a FlipBook Creator Professional publication. You can effortlessly add video content from your hard drive in formats such as FLV and MP4, further you can embed online video from popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Beyond that you can easily insert custom JavaScript, hyperlinks, shapes and of course images (JPEG, PNG). FlipBook Creator Professional empowers people to be innovative and makes it easy for them to make hugely visually rich and interactive page-flip books.

  1. HTML5 Support.

Say goodbye to the days of being restricted to exporting your flip-page books only in Flash format and finding they don’t work on many of the most popular devices in the world (e.g. the Iphone and Ipad). With FlipBook Creator Professional you can export your digital publication in HTML5 which runs brilliantly on any device with a web browser which includes the Iphone and Ipad.

  1. Full Social Media Integration.

FlipBook Creator Professional lets you embed social sharing buttons right into your flip page book. Now your readers can share your publication on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr at the click of a button. This should really help spread the word about your digital publication and is something that most similar flip page book makers are lacking.

  1. Full Google Analytics Integration.

That’s right folks – you can integrate one of the worlds most used analytics tools into your publication with a few strokes on the mouse. Integrating Google Analytics will allow you to track how many people view your digital publication and where these people come from.

  1. Implement Advertising.

This is something we haven’t yet seen any other page-flip publication offering. FlipBook Creator Professional allows you to sell advertising space within your publication and easily embed this advertising into the publication thus providing you with another source of revenue.

  1. Add An Animated Narrator.

FlipBook Creator Professional lets you add an animated narrator to your publication that reads your publication contents out aloud. All you need to do is type your publications content into the right area of the software and the built in speech engine will convert the words to speech for the animated narrator to speak. Alternatively, you can upload your own audio for the narrator. Narration adds another element of dynamism and interactivity to your publication and is something we haven’t seen in other similar software packages.

  1. Templates And Backgrounds Galore.

The software has a huge 300 plus scenes, 700 plus backgrounds and an eye watering large 400 plus themes for you to choose from for your digital publication. This is a larger collection of visual goodies than we have seen from most other digital publication makers. What’s more is that you can edit these visual elements further so you get them precisely how you want them.

  1. Batch Processes.

Now this is the real power user stuff that puts FlipBook Creator Professional in a league of its own. You can do batch PDF to Flash conversion but even more impressive is that you can use command line to execute batch publishing. These batch processing features are ideal for those of you who will be creating a large number of digital publications.


Above we covered some of the main features of the FlipBook Creator Professional. But there’s even more. The software also has an integrated cloud service which lets you share your publication with the world instantly from within the software. FlipBook Creator Professional also has password feature which lets you password protect your digital publication thus making it more secure. But wait there is actually even more. The software also lets you generate HTML files of your digital publications for search engines to Index.

Beyond this the software also provides a range of fine grain controls to make your publications even more useful for your readers – these include language settings, copyright settings and permission settings. The software also has a bookshelf feature, WordPress integration, built in FTP uploader as well as annotation and bookmarking functionality for readers.

Wow, that’s a lot. At the start of this article we said this software seems to have it all, and I’m sure you can see from the above we weren’t kidding!

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